Is the Future Dim For Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lights?

Many people practice energy-saving Dimmable measures at home in an attempt to generate greater electricity savings, save energy at home, and save the non-renewable resources of Mother Earth. We have been taught that making small changes in our daily habits and preferences brings big changes when it comes to saving the environment from irreparable damage. And yes, this is true. While lighting is only a small fraction of the energy consumption of a home in the United States, the annual energy consumption is used only to illuminate residential areas up to $ 37 billion in electrical energy. This is why many people place such importance on whether it is better to use dimmable compact fluorescent tubes or dimmable incandescent bulbs or not to use dimmers at all. info technology hub

producing poor-quality lighting that buzzed

Although far more energy efficient than incandescent lamps, CFLs only emerge from the social stigma of producing poor-quality lighting that buzzed, flicked, and emitted a hard, cold light technology that was inconvenient for everyone except a doctor at the table. of operations. Technological improvements have overcome the poor image and have produced compact fluorescent tubes that are quiet, stable and have excellent color reproduction (in other words, CFL bulbs can now produce light in warmer, more relaxing tones closer to sunlight natural). officially dimmable.


But, and there are a number of big buts here! – There are several complaints about the quality of CFLs that can be dimmed. Especially due to the high-tech methods that make CFL bulbs better to help save energy at home (they use 2/3 less energy and have a lifespan of up to 15 times longer than normal incandescent bulbs), no They can produce both dimmable light technology. CFL lamps are lit by electronic ballasts, through which electricity moves to produce ultraviolet light in the CFL fluorescent lamp. The inside of this tube is coat with a thin layer of phosphor, and when ultraviolet light hits the phosphor, visible light technology is form. It is precisely because of this that CFL lamps were not made compatible with dimmers, which actually cause the light technology to turn on and off rapidly (as soon as the human eye cannot feel it) until the visible light technology gradually dims.

invention of dimmable compact fluorescent light technology

New technologies have allowed the invention of dimmable compact fluorescent lamps to save energy in the home, but one thing that most consumers don’t like about them is that they are not reduce to 0% of all light. The buffer area can only go up to approx. 20%, where advance models can be dimmed to 8% and pin-based fluorescent tubes down to 1% to 3%, then the bulb automatically turns off. Also, the color temperatures of most dimmable CFLs have yet to be perfect; most of them still produce the kind of bluish-white light technology that evokes almost unpleasant sensations of harshness or cold compared to the heat produced by softer dimmable bulbs.


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