LED Light Bulbs – Much Better Than Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

We are well into the 21st century Much Better Than Compact Fluorescent Bulbs ; we are making great strides, especially in the medical and technology industry. Unfortunately, it has a price.

We are making great strides, but we are destroying so many animals ‘natural habitat and cutting down rainforests that will (and are) affecting the global climate as well as the animals’ habitat.

Although we have known how to harness the power of the sun for many decades, it is only recently that we began to go to great lengths to manufacture solar panels at an affordable price. With government subsidies, hopefully solar energy can start to make a real difference. Most experts agree that the only problem is that we are at or approaching the point where we are not returning from global warming. If we do not make drastic changes and we do them now, global warming may well be irreversible. info technology hub

Home lighting

Everyone has probably heard of CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps), hopefully most have started using them. However, there is another option, a much better option, LED bulbs. Many people are probably not so familiar with LED bulbs, at least for home lighting. Although LEDs themselves have been used for decades in many applications, especially household and personal electronics, they are relatively new in the home lighting industry.

Let’s go back to CFLs in a minute. You’re probably thinking, “If these LED bulbs are that good, why is everyone telling us to buy CFLs?” Well, these days, LED light bulls are still more expensive than CFLs, but there is more to the story. Although LED bulbs are more expensive (and prices go down), they are much more efficient than the much-to-be-proclaimed CFL bulbs. It does not stop there either. Although compact fluorescent lamps that last many times longer than incandescent bulbs are advertised, LED bulbs last longer than CFLs and not just a little. In fact, we are starting to see LED devices with lifetime warranties. Combine this with the fact that they use much less power and do not have mercury like CFLs, and you begin to see that the benefits of LED lighting cannot be ignored. Finally, light emitting diodes (light emitting diodes) are solid state devices. They do not have the glass tube, gas-filled, mercury contaminated and readily degradable, which is a part of all CFL bulbs. Not to mention the fact that CFL bulbs work poorly at lower temperatures and often have ballast failures.

LED lighting

Yes, we are better able to at least finally move away from light bulbs, but we need to do more, much more. Is LED lighting the area that will make the difference? Of course not, at least by itself. However, it is something we need and to a great extent.

Until we actually put in the effort and money needed to take full advantage of alternative energy sources such as solar and wind, we will continue our rapid decline into a world that I can only imagine none of us would want to live in. i. on. Especially when we have such an amazing and beautiful plant full of so many wonders.



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