Fluorescent Lighting

Compact Fluorescent Lighting Technology – The Basics

According to Energy Star studies Fluorescent Lighting technology if each U.S home replaced only one bulb with an ENERGY STAR-qualified compact fluorescent lamp, we would save enough energy to light technology more than 3 million homes in a year – more than $ 600 million in annual energy costs. And prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to

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Solar Lighting Technological Advances

For several years we have seen that solar energy Technological is used a lot for outdoor lighting and, of course, these systems are and still are make of plastic. Older models and some newer models still use energy efficient light technology bulbs, which unless you use them in complete darkness do not turn off much

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desk lamp

Fluorescent Desk Lamp

Replace your fluorescent Desk Lamp tube technology with a newer, more efficient model and you will be amaze at how good it looks. Desk lamps have come a long way since they went fluorescent in the 1950s. Gone are the hum and flicker of pipes from before. Today’s fluorescent tubes are quiet and stable. Previously,

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